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Asplenium Harts Tongue

Asplenium 'Harts Tongue'

Brighten those Shady Spots!

3-inch Pot
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Easy to grow and evergreen in warm climates, the Hart's-Tongue Fern is one of the joys of the shade garden. Its rippled, leathery, tongue-shaped fronds of brightest green each boast a double row of spores resembling a centipede (the translation of its Greek species name, "scolopendria"), and arise from a strong central rhizome.

With good drainage and plenty of humus, this perennial fern quickly reaches its mature size of 12 to 18 inches tall and wide. It makes a lovely choice for the border, patio garden, or as a specimen in any shady spot -- even those areas of dense shade where few other plants are happy.

Hart's-Tongue Ferns have the reputation of being limestone-dependent, but they can tolerate some acidity in the soil as well. They are a fine choice for rock gardens, but are perhaps happiest in moist, shady woodland settings. They require good drainage, and must not be overwatered. That said, they are quite tolerant of unseasonable heat and cold, and are generally not fussy about soil conditions.

Space plants 12 to 18 inches apart for solid coverage with bold, handsome foliage. Note:The botanical name for this fern has recently changed. It used to be Phyllitis. Same plant, new genus name! Zones 5-9.