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Helianthus Table Mountain

Helianthus 'Table Mountain'

Helianthus salicifolius 'Table Mountain'

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Bearing all of the golden glory of its statuesque cousins, this low growing, spreading sunflower is a must have for any sun-soaked landscape. Its glowing yellow blooms which emerge in late summer and last into fall are a magnet for butterflies and birds alike. This willow-leaved sunflower is perfect for shifting your garden seamlessly from the summer season into autumn and its flowers make great accents in fall holiday arrangements.'Table Mountain' is very low maintenance and a great choice for first time gardeners. It suffers no serious disease or insect issues, resists deer and can even survive in clay soil. The seeds it produces are sterile and it spreads by creeping rhizomes. Divide these rhizomes every few years to manage the spread and keep the plants healthy.