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Helleborus Wedding Party™ Confetti Cake

Helleborus Wedding Party™ 'Confetti Cake'

Striking Blooms!

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We have a passion for Helleborus! They are vigorous, with very showy blooms and 'Confetti Cake' is no exception! These 2-3 inch blooms are a pure white with burgundy speckled veining toward the center of each petal. Helleborus will often be referred to as the "Lenten Rose".

Hellebore are a favorite bloom due to their low-maintenance and disease resistant growing habits. These unique blooms are perfect for your shade garden and need to be protected from the hot afternoon sun. 'Confetti Cake' boasts notable vigor and a very showy petal display. You will receive a large number of blooms with this plant, which are a pure white with burgundy speckling. This gorgeous, double flowered superstar will certainly make a statement in your garden. Zones 4-9. H: 18-24" W: 18-24". Partial to Full Shade.