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Helleborus Wedding Party® Flower Girl

Helleborus Wedding Party® 'Flower Girl'

Beautiful White Blooms with Lavender Edging

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Add a lovely splash of early-season color to your shady garden spots with Helleborus. Incredibly early, this evergreen perennial sets nodding flowers in unusual colors starting as early as winter. The papery blooms are gorgeous and long-lasting, making them great for the vase. Hellebores stand up to poor soil, drought, heat, humidity, and, of course, cold. This disease- and pest-resistant evergreen is long-lived and attractive year-round. They also boast beautiful blooms in a variety of hues and shapes.

In 'Flower Girl', we see double blush to light pink flowers with a slight ruffled edge. The foliage is a medium green and the beautiful white blooms with lavender edging will be a favorite in your spring garden. Use them in beds or boarders for long lasting color they also make beautiful cut flowers for your next arrangement. Partial to Full Shade.