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Helleborus Red Mountain

Helleborus 'Red Mountain'

A Profusion of Blush Pink Upturned Blooms

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Expressive rosy pink blossoms with white veins and charmingly jagged petals is what you can expect from this unique hybrid perennial. Its evergreen foliage is lush and deer-proof and serves as a handsome backdrop to its unusually upturned blossoms. Like most Lenten Roses, 'Red Mountain' begins blooming in late winter, a little treat for the shade garden during a typically quiet season. The blooms continue until the peak of spring and seamlessly tie the seasons together while your other perennials begin to awaken form their winter's rest. Ample shade and rich, well-drained soil are the best conditions for this helleborus to thrive. Add it to your beds for a splash of color in the shady sections of your garden. Virtually disease-free and ignored by nearly all pests save slugs and aphids, the low maintenance nature of this plant only adds to its beauty and versatility.