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Clematis H. F. Young

Clematis H. F. Young

Glorious 7-inch blooms in shades of purple

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The only thing better than one show of large, gorgeous purple blooms is two of them! That's exactly what this darling climbing perennial gives you. Once you witness for yourself these dazzling 7-inch flowers in action you'll be grateful for a second helping later in the year!

Boasting long silky petals of lavender with a creamy white center of puffy stamens, this clematis just oozes charm. 'H. F. Young' is an eager climber and will quickly scale whatever you place in its path, but is just as content to lounge and spill over containers as well.

You can expect this clematis to reach anywhere between 6 to 8 feet in height. Its favorite companions are roses. Diseases don't particularly bother this plant, and with full to partial sun and the occasional watering this clematis will remain stunningly vivid all season long! Pruning Group 2. Zones 4 to 9.

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Likes being in south georgia
Sunny from GA wrote on April 05, 2019:

has survived tornado, hurricane and south georgia heat. dependable blooms and GORGEOUS.

These are the best flowers @ best Price!!
Audrey B Moyers from PA wrote on February 28, 2019:

I buy these every year (4TH year/row) at Wal-mart, and I'm never disappointed. These are the largest, most beautiful of flowers. They are the easiest flowers to grow, and for me bloom twice Spring & late Summer. I love them so much, I keep finding new areas to plant them.

The Big-Flowered Summer Bloomers

Masses of frilly star-shaped blooms; big white snowflakes that blanket the garden twice a season; true-blue color for 4 solid months. The big-flowered, double, and otherwise showy Clematis varieties are among the very best for the garden, and you can master the annual pruning technique in about 3 minutes. First, make sure you've already done the special first- and second-year pruning. Then just maintain your Clematis's beauty as follows:

Group 2 Clematis blooms on "old wood," which simply means stems that grew last season or earlier. (This season's new stems — the ones that grow from spring till the summer bloom season begins — won't flower until next year.) Therefore, you don't want to prune too radically. The rule of thumb is that in late winter or earliest spring, cut back each stem about 6 to 8 inches, to right above the point where it branches. At this branching point, you should see a pair of little bumps. These are buds, and you want to keep them. Find all the branching stems on the Clematis and trim to just above those buds. (You may have read in gardening manuals: "Trim to a pair of strong buds." That's what this process is — the two buds right above the place where each stem branches are the "pair of strong buds" you're looking for! They're easy to see on the slender Clematis stems.)

Once you know your Clematis's pruning number and get that first-year trim out of the way, keeping this woody climber looking its best and blooming like crazy is simple! A few minutes once a year will yield you armloads of flowers for many seasons, and you will continue to find new uses for Clematis, from hiding an unsightly fence to decorating your most formal garden art!

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