Hibiscus Magenta Chiffon®

Floriferous and Long-Blooming

Item # 27894
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One of the award-winning Chiffon® series, Hibiscus Magenta Chiffon® is a bright magenta-purple rose of Sharon and is floriferous and long blooming, summer through fall—attracting oodles of hummingbirds. The large, powderpuff, fully double blooms of prettily veined broad petals, borne on new wood, better cover the elegant bush. And the Hibiscus Magenta Chiffon® bush is very large, up to 12 feet high and 10 feet wide, but with a nicely rounded habit. Looser than a typical rose of Sharon, the plant holds its flowers more gracefully, allowing them to elegantly sway in the breeze.

The Chiffon® series was developed by Dr. Roderick Woods of England, who is also a world-renowned physicist with important contributions to motorcycle safety gear.

Uses: Hedge, Specimen, Large Containers, Effortless Gardening