Hibiscus Paraplu Violet™

Hibiscus Paraplu Violet™

Hibiscus syriacus 'Minsybv3s01'

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This Rose of Sharon grows an even larger body with even bigger flowers. The large deep purple blooms arise on lush plants 6 feet wide and 8 to 12 feet tall! This thriller is sure to become the focal point of you whole garden.

Hibiscus Paraplu Violet™ is a carefree joy you'll want for the hot, sunny summer garden. Few shrubs are more heat and humidity tolerant than Hibiscus, which basks in temperatures that make others wilt and brown out! Give this shrub plenty of water and nonstop sunlight and you've got a bloom machine 5 months out of every year!

The showy, tropical blooms are a lavender with a crimson eye that bleeds outward. The stunning, gigantic blooms open from late summer until late fall, attracting attention for months. Even though this variety is seedless, it still produces enough nectar to attract plenty of butterflies! The alluring blooms are all the more impressive because they are borne high in the air on plants with a graceful, narrow habit.

It is a great choice for a foundation planting, accent in the patio or other garden nook, or hedge. It makes a fine companion to Plum Fantasy, and a nice background planting to Dwarf Russian Sage and other low-growing shrubs, as well as colorful annuals and perennials of all description. No shrub is easier--this is one tough plant, untroubled by pests and disease and able to maintain itself through good weather and poor alike.