Hibiscus Purple Pillar®

Fluffy lavender blooms with bright ruby eyes

Item # 27176
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Just as its name suggests, Hibiscus Purple Pillar® is a slender torch of color ideal for space pinched areas of the garden. Along with its signature narrow habit, this peculiar hibiscus sports a dense covering of artful summer flowers that have a lovely habit of attracting local pollinators, particularly bees. Its light purple blossoms feature deep red centers that really stand out in the garden and are stellar additions to cut flower arrangements. Think your garden is too small for hibiscus? Not anymore! Hibiscus Purple Pillar® is here to save the day.Thanks to its compact nature, this easy to grow shrub works flourishes even in containers. It is also a great choice for screening, adding to borders, mass planting and even standing alone as a dramatic focal point in the landscape.

This sun-loving perennial is the winner of several awards including the Green Thumb Award and it's just as tough as it is beautiful. This resilient plant stands up to heat and drought conditions with ease and deer don't mess with it either. Add this tall handsome cultivar to your collection and watch it rise to meet your expectations - then exceed them!