Hippeastrum Sonatini® Red Rascal

Hippeastrum Sonatini® Red Rascal

Hippeastrum Sonatini® Red Rascal

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What's this?

Are you growing a Sonatini® Amaryllis yet? We love them, because they combine the beauty of the huge indoor winter Amaryllis with the flower power of a hardy outdoor flowering bulb. Red Rascal is the showiest of all, with candy-apple blooms at least 4 inches wide all over a modest little plant. Indoors or out, you can't beat Sonatinis®!

These terrific bulbs come from Holland, home to so many of the best varieties. They have smaller bulbs than the big Amaryllis we're used to, but each bulb sets many, many more flowering stems. Sonatinis® are simply easier to handle -- and more adaptable to smaller containers! -- than their cousins. Not to mention their improved hardiness and ability to grow as a perennial.

The rule of thumb with this bulb is that it flowers about 6 to 8 weeks after planting. So if you are putting it in the garden or outdoor container to perennialize, get it planted by late spring. After the flowers pass, keep feeding and watering the plant until mid fall. Then dig up the bulb, let it dry in a cool room for 2 weeks, and store it for at least 10 weeks in a cool (30 to 55 degrees F) setting. It's ready to go for another year!

Of course, you don't have to grow Red Rascal as a perennial. To enjoy it for a single season, you can plant it anytime between spring and late summer -- it follows the same 6-to-8-week bloom schedule. Just as showy as its taller cousins, it makes a fine choice for a houseplant at any time of year!

Planting and growing this bulb is easy. Set it into the garden or container with about the top third of the bulb showing above the soil line. Feed it every 4 to 6 weeks, and water it consistently all season. That's really all there is to it! Enjoy this new way to grow one of our favorite flowers!