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Honey Bee Kind Grandiflora Rose

'Honey Bee Kind' Grandiflora Rose

2019 New Introduction.

Bareroot Grafted
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This bright yellow beauty is sure to light up any garden! The sunny blooms contrast beautifully against the dark green foliage and its slight peppery fragrance only adds more interesting quality to its appeal. Anyone who passes by will have to stop for a second look or sniff at these sunny blooms.

Yellow roses are among the most coveted cultivars and for a good reason! Their color compliments all other plants beautifully and 'Honey Bee Kind' is definitely no exception. It will enjoy being used as a specimen plant, or planted in a mixed border where it can truly shine. Try it in a grouping with your pollinator friendly perennials to brighten up the landscape and to bring butterflies and bees flocking. Its resistance to powdery mildew and rust only make it more of a must have bloom. Add this bright rose to your landscape today for a pop of sweet yellow color that is sure to bring a smile to anyone who gazes upon it.