Hops Cascade

Hops Cascade

Humulus lupulus 'Cascade'

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Cascade Hops is an incredible, fast growing vine that is actually the key ingredient to homemade beer but that's not the only benefit of this interesting vine. It's thick, green foliage makes an excellent living screen for privacy, borders, and beyond. If you're looking for a dense, green, creeping vine to add both charm and seclusion to your landscape look no further! Known for its contribution to making beer it is often overlooked when it comes to all its advantages in the garden. Large, tear shaped leaves are surrounded by delicate, hops seed cones and provides interesting coverage whether it's draped over trellises, on fencing, and even creeping across of a pergola. The hops themselves hang like acorns and can be harvested to make your own beer right at home. However you decide you use this incredible vine, lift a glass and toast to it's incredible ease and beauty!