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Hosta Praying Hands

Hosta 'Praying Hands'

Hosta hybrid 'Praying Hands'

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There are those who believe that once you've seen one hosta you've seen them all. Those folks have probably never met the Praying Hands hosta! This fabulously strange hosta features showy, completely concave leaves which are an appealing medium green with thin french-creme margins. Those notable leaves resemble hands folded in prayer, hence the name. The slender leaves spout upward like a wild fountain and bring a splash of intrigue to the shade garden. Adding to the charm of this Dr. Seuss looking variety are late summer blooms of light purple which attract hummingbirds. Bonus: this hosta is resistant to slug damage as well!

'Praying Hands' has such a huge personality you might not notice how compact it is. But by all means take advantage of its petite size and add it to containers and mass plantings to your heart's content! It's no wonder this herbaceous perennial was chosen as the 2011 Hosta of the Year.