How to Grow Bamboo


Bamboo grows very fast - as much as a foot a day. This makes it very useful for quick, dramatic landscape changes. It is an evergreen that grows very thick and very tall. Bamboo makes an excellent hedge or privacy screen. The more ornament varieties, like black bamboo, can also be planted as a specimen or centerpiece in your garden. It is an all-around beautiful and useful plant.

Technically a grass, bamboo varieties respond well to high-nitrogen fertilizers. Nitrogen if a key component for foliage growth, but it my stifle blooming and fruiting plants. Any plant grown primarily for foliage will respond well to fertilizers with a lot of nitrogen, like manure or compost.

Prune whenever needed to remove dead or dying stems. prune back to the node and new healthy growth will shoot right up. Bamboo has shallow roots, stake older plants to prevent tipping and uprooting.

General Care
Caring for bamboo is very easy, it grows vigorously and it is fairly hardy. Bamboo is very thirsty; most problems arise from too little water. Soaking wet soil may also hinder growth.

  • Bamboo should be planted in well-draining soil, and watered often.
  • Bamboo prefers full sun
  • Being a grass, bamboo does not compete well with weeds and trees
  • Use mulch to control soil moisture and temperature