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Hummingbird Attracting Plants

Bring in more visitors and keep them longer

Bring the jewel-bright beauty of hummingbirds to your garden by adding plants that provide food, shelter, and resting places. Hummingbird lovers are always thrilled to see the first tiny winged visitors of the year and are usually seeking ways to bring in more and keep them longer. Our hummingbird-attracting shrubs and perennials offer a variety of bloom times, and if planted to flower throughout the seasons, will provide plenty of nectar. A garden is beautiful in it's own right, but add hummingbirds, and it becomes breathtaking!

Hummingbirds will also pollinate your garden, but they provide another important service: they eat aphids, gnats, flies, and other insects that could be potentially harmful to your plants. Find your perfect hummingbird flowers here.
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