Hydrangea 'Bailmacfive' Endless Summer® Summer Crush®

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The mophead type blooms on this bigleaf hydrangea come in profusion and are floral quality, and the stems are strong and sturdy. So, you can use the blooms in your fresh and everlasting arrangements, or simply cut a few stems and stick 'em in a vase for an effortless, chic bouquet. And you get to choose their color. An acidic soil with a pH below 6.0 will produce neon purple blooms; an alkaline soil with a pH above 6.0 will produce raspberry red flowers. Either way, you can expect intense color, and the blooms appear on old and new wood, so you can also expect them all season long.

This naturally compact and rounded shrub is perfect for a patio container or a small garden space, but you'll want to keep the soil moist, with occasional good soakings versus frequent light watering. It handles full sun better than most hydrangeas, and in the cooler climates of its growing region, it can be placed in up to 6 hours of full sun, with afternoon shade. In warmer regions, site in shadier areas and mulch around the base to keep roots cool and moist.

This is a potless item. Your plant will arrive in a poly bag. The root ball has been grown in a hexagonal design to minimize transplant shock and stress, and it is in an advanced stage of rooting to maximize transplant success. Follow the bareroot planting and care instructions, but do not soak.

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