Hydrangea Invincibelle Lace™

First ever Smooth Hydrangea with Plum-Purple Lacecaps

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The first ever smooth hydrangea with plum-purple lacecaps, this premiere plant flowers in delicate, pollen- and nectar-rich florets that not only provide amazing curb appeal but also supply necessary nutrients for butterflies and bees. (Lacecaps are the only hydrangeas that produce pollen.)

Hydrangea blooms revive the garden in summer and sustain it through fall, but don't underestimate the beauty of the hydrangea bush itself. Even the stems, which allow the florets to gracefully sway in the wind, add to their appeal. And these stems are strong, wiry, and dark ruby hued—gorgeous!

Uses: Deciduous Hedges, Specimens, Mass Plantings, Mixed Beds, Cut Flowers