Hydrangea Invincibelle® Ruby Smooth Hydrangea

Hydrangea Invincibelle® Ruby Smooth Hydrangea
Hydrangea Invincibelle® Ruby Smooth Hydrangea

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Burgundy-pink flowers rebloom
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Key Characteristics

3 - 9

Mature Height

3 Feet

Mature Width

4 Feet

Sun / Shade

Full Sun, Part Shade

Moisture Level

Moist, well-drained

Soil Type

Normal, loamy

Description / Hydrangea Invincibelle® Ruby Smooth Hydrangea

Invincibelle® Ruby - the trailblazer in red-flowered Hydrangea arborescens varieties. This exceptional shrub has redefined garden aesthetics with its steadfast and vibrant red blooms that grace your landscape from the early days of spring well into the crisp days of fall.

Witness the magic as deep burgundy red flower buds unfurl in early spring, gradually transforming into a captivating display of bright ruby red and silvery pink hues. This striking two-toned combination creates a visual masterpiece, set against the backdrop of lush dark green foliage. Supported by robust stems, the massive bloom clusters stand proudly, adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor haven.

Ideal for various settings in zones 3 through 9, these medium-sized shrubs grow to a height of 2 to 3 feet and spread out gracefully to 3 to 4 feet wide. Whether you opt for mass plantings, naturalizing, cutting gardens, mixed borders, or even containers, Invincibelle® Ruby Hydrangea brings versatility to your gardening endeavors. As a wild hydrangea cultivar, it blooms every year without fail, promising continuous beauty.

As an added advantage, this variety is open to a two-toned combination of bright ruby red and silvery pink, ensuring a dynamic and ever-changing display throughout the seasons. The dried flowers also look amazing, and last for months on the shrub, and even longer indoors. Despite facing challenges such as leaf spot, Invincibelle® Ruby Hydrangea stands resilient, maintaining its allure with proper care and attention.

Thriving in moist, well-drained soils, this cultivar adapts effortlessly to different soil conditions. For optimal results, consider incorporating rose fertilizer into your routine to enhance the blooming potential of this remarkable hydrangea arborescens ncha3. The dark burgundy red flower buds are a testament to the rich beauty this shrub brings to your garden.

Invincibelle® Ruby not only captivates the eye but also beckons songbirds and butterflies, enhancing the vibrancy of your garden. Experience the joy of continuous flowering as these shrubs bloom in early spring and gracefully re-bloom in the enchanting days of fall. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your garden's allure with Invincibelle® Ruby Hydrangea - a resilient and enchanting beauty that promises months of floral delight. Enrich your outdoor space further by cultivating a pollinator garden, where Invincibelle® Ruby Hydrangeas can thrive alongside other flora, creating a haven of natural beauty and charm. Explore the world of extraordinary, red-flowered hydrangeas and make your garden a haven of natural beauty and charm.

Discover tips to ensure your hydrangeas thrive, from soil preparation to pruning techniques, by following our expert advice on the Hydrangea Planting and General Care Guide and the How to Prune Hydrangea Plants blog.

Product Details

Genus Hydrangea
Species arborescens
Variety 'NCHA3'
Plant Patent PP28317
Product Classification Shrubs
USDA Zone Low 3
USDA Zone High 9
Sun / Shade Full Sun, Part Shade
Bloom Color Pink, Red, Rose
Bloom Season Start Early Summer
Bloom Season End Late Fall
Special Features Bird Lovers, Butterfly Lovers, Flower, Repeat Bloomer
Uses Containers, Cut Flowers, Hedge
Zone 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Shipping Method Restrictions none

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