Cold Hardy to Zone 3 | Heat Tolerant to Zone 8b

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Limelight Hydrangea is an award-winning shrub, and now there's Limelight Prime™, with all the attributes of Limelight but with a denser, more refined, and compact growth habit; so it fits in smaller spaces, giving you more opportunities to fall in love—AND YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE—with this stunning panicle hydrangea.

The copious quantities of cone-shaped panicles come earlier and are larger and more colorful than Limelight's. The early blooms emerge vivid lime green but over time acquire pink hues—bubblegum pink darkening to deep punch pink. With its long bloom time of long-lasting flowers on strong stems (stronger than Limelight's), it will supply at least 3 months of colorful flowers for the garden, fresh bouquets, or dried arrangements.

A robust bloom is not the only attractive feature of this Limelight series member. The vigorous, upright, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub offers a harmonious blend of colorful blooms sitting atop cinnamon colored stems set against matt, dark green foliage—a lovely combination. One specimen plant puts on an incredible, long-lasting show, but masses or groups make a truly spectacular display.

For cooler climates, plant in summer in full to dappled sunlight; for warmer climates plant in early spring or fall in a location with morning sun and afternoon shade. Prune in late winter to early spring, cutting stems back by about ⅓ its total height, to encourage heavy new growth and blooms.

Uses: Hedge, Specimen, Large Containers, Borders, Mixed Bed, Cut Flower, Dried Flower