Hydrangea 'Renba' First Editions® Berry White®

Cold Hardy to Zone 3

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Berry White® undergoes a stunning color transformation as its white panicles begin to pigment from the bottom up. The color starts pink at the base, intensifies to raspberry red as it moves up the flower cluster, and finishes wine red, with the best color occurring in the fall when temperatures begin to drop 10 degrees cooler at night. The large flower heads, borne on strong, upright stems—good for cutting—come in abundance, on old and new wood, and stick around for a very long time; so each day brings an ever changing medley of shapes and colors.

A multistemmed deciduous shrub with an upright, spreading habit, this statuesque panicle hydrangea quickly creates a colorful privacy screen or hedge when grown in groups. It's also stunning in a mixed bed, border, or woodland garden.

This is a potless item. Your plant will arrive in a poly bag. The root ball has been grown in a hexagonal design to minimize transplant shock and stress, and it is in an advanced stage of rooting to maximize transplant success. Follow the bareroot planting and care instructions, but do not soak.