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Hydrangea Snowflake

Hydrangea 'Snowflake'

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This award-winning native species oakleaf hydrangea offers extended garden interest well past the bloom season. However, the bloom season is long, throughout summer, and the blooms are long-lasting. The large pyramidal flower panicles, dense with double florets, emerge white and gradually blush rosy pink. As the blooms begin to fade, the deeply lobed leaves, resembling an oak, begin to take on brilliant fall color in shades of bronze and burgundy. As the bush defoliates, the interesting texture of the exfoliating mature stems and rich cinnamon brown color of the inner bark are exposed, an attractive feature against winter snow.

This shrub is low maintenance, but you'll want to keep its root moist. Deep periodic watering is preferable to light frequent watering. It can be planted in full sun to part shade, but hydrangeas tend to like some afternoon shade.

This is a potless item. Your plant will arrive in a poly bag. The root ball has been grown in a hexagonal design to minimize transplant shock and stress, and it is in an advanced stage of rooting to maximize transplant success. Follow the bareroot planting and care instructions, but do not soak.