Narcissus Ice King

Narcissus 'Ice King'

Huge Double Blooms!

Pack of 10
Item # 08432-PK-10
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Popular ever since its 1984 introduction, this stunning sport of Narcissus 'Ice King' opens huge blooms of soft yellow surrounded by a gleaming white perianth. An early bloomer, it's a wonderful way to begin daffodil season in the garden1

Fully 4½ inches wide, these blooms begin with the classic butter-and-sugar combination of yellow and white. As Narcissus 'Ice King' mature, however, the large, ruffled yellow cup turns creamy and finally white!

'Ice King' reaches 20 inches tall, with healthy mid-green foliage. A dependable performer, this double-flowered cultivar is showy yet reliable, multiplying slowly in the garden to increase your daffodil display with every passing year.

Plant the bulbs in very well-drained soil receiving full sun. After the blooms pass, let the foliage remain until it turns brown and falls over. (It is storing nutrients for next season.) Daylilies, irises, and other perennials make a good natural cover-up for the aging foliage. Deer and other nibbling animals leave daffodil bulbs alone, enabling you to naturalize them over time into great drifts of color! Zones 4-8.