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Iris germanica Cats Eye

Iris germanica 'Cats Eye'

An award winning Iris!

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This award winning Iris is ready to make a splash in your garden. With its dynamic coloration and pattern it will quickly become a landscape favorite. Each rose colored petal features a bright purple 'eye' surrounded by a lighter edge that creates a striking contrast. The foliage rises up in medium green sword-like fans in attractive clumps. These blooms can grow up to 15 inches, towering royally in your beds and borders. Each sturdy stem has several buds offering a steady progression of blooms that keeps your beds, borders, and rock gardens alive with color all the way through the late spring. For best results plant so the tops of the rhizomes are exposed and the roots are spread out facing downwards in the soil. They do best in well drained soil and full sun. You will not regret adding these stunners to your sunny garden!