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Iris Swans in Flight

Iris 'Swans in Flight'

Pearly Petals and Gold Signals!

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Just as awe-inspiring as the waterbirds for which it's named, this iris is a beauty without rival! Its pristine white petals and golden beards give off an aura of stately elegance just like the snowy feathers and yellow beaks of its namesake. Due to their noble presence and robust stalks, these irises make excellent cut flowers for elegant arrangements. The beauty of this perennial is more than petal deep - this variety is also quite resilient and boasts high disease resistance, so its relatively low maintenance. Since it thrives in wet locations this iris is a great choice for planting around water features like small ponds and fountains. Hummingbirds will also want to see what the buzz is about and will flock to the pure white blooms. Plant 'Swans in Flight' in your landscape and watch your garden soar to new heights!