A Highly Versatile Native Shrub

Item # 27885
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FIZZY MIZZY™ is not your typical Itea. Itea FIZZY MIZZY™ sturdy white flower spikes stand erect, reaching toward the sky, and they come in abundance. More typically, Itea FIZZY MIZZY™ blooms in late spring and its flowers are lightly fragrant.

Rather demure for an Itea, though, this Virginia sweetspire has a neat and tidy habit, growing 2 to 3 feet tall and wide, but Itea FIZZY MIZZY™ is full with thick, dark green leaves and perfect for a container or for just about any spot in the garden. A native shrub, Itea FIZZY MIZZY™ is highly versatile: Itea FIZZY MIZZY™ grows well in full sun and shade; it tolerates a wide range of soils and growing conditions, including wet locations; and Itea FIZZY MIZZY™ naturalizes well, forming dense colonies in wild and informal areas.

Uses: Hedges, Mixed Beds, Foundation Plantings, Mass Plantings, Containers