Rose James Galway™

Rose James Galway™

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The James Galway Rose was named in celebration of the 60th birthday of the world famous flutist, and reflects the elegance and beauty of his music.

Each bloom is packed so full with petals, it's truly unbelievable. With a warm pink center that fades to pale pink at the edges, this rose is classic bubblegum hue with an old fashioned rose fragrance. The petals are tightly arranged, making for a voluminous bloom.

Very versatile, this precious rose can be grown as a shrub or short climber. If grown as a large shrub, James Galway will reach about 5 feet high and 3 feet wide, and when trained as a climber, it will reach up to 10 feet long. Very floriferous, flowers completely cover the slightly arching branches, making any border, container or fence pop with color. You won't be disappointed with its classic elegance and beauty, no matter where you decide to plant.

Not only does James Galway offer premiere beauty and sweet fragrance, but it also bears blooms on relatively thornless stems! It's also very healthy and super hardy, so you can enjoy its timeless beauty without worry.