Jewel Box Hummingbird Feeder

Bird Lover's Gift
Item #37651


Patented HighView™ perch

Holds 8-oz of the nectar hummers love.


Do you already have a feeder for hummingbirds but can never seem to catch a glimpse of those little guys in action? Never miss another sighting again with the Jewel Box Hummingbird Feeder. Its unique design offers you a front row seat to witness the beauty of these delicate creatures like never before. Simply use the two heavy-duty suction cups to securely fasten this feeder to any clean window of your choice and watch in awe as bird after tiny bird stops by for a sip of sweet nectar. The top of the feeding station is bright red (a Hummer's favorite color) which draws them in like magnets. The lip of the feeder can support several guests at a time so multiple birds rest and enjoy at their leisure without squabbling. You'll also never have to worry about sweet-toothed invaders like ants and other bugs siphoning your supply because the ant moat will stop any intruder in their tracks. The feeder is the perfect size for hummers, but is not so large as to be intrusive or obstruct the view of a normal sized window. Constructed of clear, weather tough polycarbonate you can trust that will be a faithful feature for years to come. Treat yourself or any hummingbird lover to the gift of hummers at the window.


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Color Bird Lover's Gift
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Customer Reviews

July 15, 2015

Its pretty good

This shopper rated the product 4 out of 5 stars

What's good is you can put it in the dishwasher, because fungus and bacteria can kill delicate hummingbirds. It's a bit delicate...the perch can break if you are not careful. This is an ok price. You can get it slightly cheaper elsewhere if you search, but if you are already buying something from Wayside it could make sense.

AJ from CA

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