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Jolie™ Veranda® Floribunda Rose

Jolie™ Veranda® Floribunda Rose

Rosa 'KORfloci54'

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Cultivar name: 'KORfloci54'

Ask any group of people to name the color of these bright blooms, and you won't get two identical answers: Orange. Pink. Salmon. Scarlet. Rose. Perhaps the correct answer is really, "All of the above!", for these flowers exude a brilliance and brightness that just won't quit. They appear in big clusters on a very compact floribunda that self-cleans and repeats all summer long. This is an unusual rose, to be treasured for its year-round vigor and good looks.

Jolie™ means "pretty" in French, and no word more aptly describes these large bloom clusters packed with buds and flowers in all stages of maturity. The fat buds open to petal-packed blooms with a rounded, gently reflexed form. Expect up to 80 petals in every flower, even though the blooms reach "only" 2½ to 4 inches wide!

This floribunda flowers in waves all season, the blooms banked by lush, bright green, glossy leaves on very thorny canes. Jolie™ has Rugosa heritage, making it very cold-hardy and heat-tolerant. Bred in northern Germany without growth enhancers, it has a natural strength and adaptability that serve it well in all kinds of climates.

No more than 2 feet high and 3 feet wide, Jolie™ is part of the Veranda® series of ultra-compact floribundas. Originally bred for use in containers on the patio, these roses have proven so garden-worthy that they can also be grown in the border. They make excellent companions to flowering annuals and perennials. Jolie™, only faintly fragrant, is a great neighbor to scented plants from lavender to catmint, as well as scentless beauties such as daylily, iris, and coneflower.

Bred by the Kordes family of rosarians, Jolie™ also boasts the ability to self-clean among its many merits. When spent, the blooms drop from the plant, so you never have to deadhead. Just one more benefit of this thoroughly modern floribunda with its old-fashioned good looks and profuse blooms!

Whether you grow it in a container or set it into the border, Jolie™ is prepared to grow and bloom vigorously for many years to come. This is a legacy planting, one guaranteed to delight with each passing season. Reserve yours today. Zones 5-9.