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Josephs Coat Climbing Rose

Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose

A Single Cluster has Every Combination of Red, Orange, and Yellow!

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For a bright spot in your plantings, Climbing 'Joseph's Coat' has no equal. This Rose seems to change colors daily over its long bloom season, giving you a sunset of rich hues you'll never get tired of admiring!

Its pretty cardinal-red buds open to 4-inch marigold-orange blooms that in turn change to bright yellow with a touch of crimson before maturing to cardinal-red again! All colors are present at one time on plants that can reach up to 10 feet tall and 5 feet wide, their sturdy canes studded with sharp thorns to discourage pests. And it boasts a blanket of glossy, dark green leaves that keep it looking great even when out of bloom. Mass plantings on a fence or pillar are particularly effective, allowing you to enjoy a panorama of color all season long, from late spring to early fall.

'Joseph's Coat' was introduced in the United States by Armstrong and Swim. It was bred from R. 'Buccaneer' x R. 'Circus,' and boasts a petal count of 23 to 28. Mildly fragrant, it is a source of ever-changing color for any vertical space. (PP#2,488). Zones 5-9.