Juniperus 'Bar Harbor'

Hardy to Zone 3 | Excellent for Erosion Control

Trade Gallon (3qt)
Item # 27896
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Native to the northern United States, Juniperus 'Bar Harbor' is an evergreen shrub that is naturally hardy to Zone 3. Juniperus 'Bar Harbor' features scale-like foliage that is blue green during the growing season and purple toned in the coldest winter months. Juniperus 'Bar Harbor' sometimes produces dark blue cones, often call juniper berries. Although not actual berries, juniper berries are edible wildlife food, high in vitamin C.

A versatile groundcover typically found growing naturally in rocky or sandy soils, this creeping juniper has a slow to medium growth rate and develops a deep tap root. Juniperus 'Bar Harbor' grows in a wide range of soils, requires no maintenance, and is drought, heat, and salt tolerant, a great choice for coastal areas as well as hot and dry climates. Juniperus 'Bar Harbor' forms dense mats, especially useful for erosion control on slopes. Juniperus 'Bar Harbor' also works well in rock gardens, mixed beds, and borders and is a great option to grow along retaining walls.