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Astilbe Key West

Astilbe Key West

Astilbe x. simplicifolia 'Key West' PPAF

This one of a kind plant has delicious looking raspberry pink blooms that never seem to go away. You can be assured that the color in your garden won't fade until well into the fall season. This hybrid Astilbe grows great in both a container and as a border plant.

This fine plant sets up for between five and seven stems in the late spring or early summer. Subtly fragrant, these flowers will attract attention when planted together.

The foliage is nearly as captivating as the flowers. Starting out as bright green, the leaves will darken as the heat of summer arrives.

By the time the end of the season arrives, the leaves will have changed to a brilliant burgundy color. They will remain on the plants long after the flowers have fallen off, rendering your border attractive for many months.