Tulip Kiss n' Tell Mix

A Romantic Pink and Red Tulip Blend

Pack of 10
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Create a spectacular spring display with a romantic union of three gorgeous, award-winning Darwin tulips! The Kiss n' Tell blend brings together the pale pink of 'Apricot,' the vibrant red of 'Cherry,' and the striking white-and-red mix of 'Apple Candy'.

Ideal for filling large swaths of landscape, colorful beds, or accent plantings beside the mailbox or along the driveway, this blend will give you one more great reason to look forward to tulip season! Each of these 10 bulbs is a Darwin Hybrid Tulip, a variety bred for its combination of huge blooms, perfect form, tall stems, and vigorous growth. Darwin hybrids are surefire standouts in the midseason garden. And because our bulbs are top-quality Dutch selections, they offer excellent longevity.

Tulips originate from foothills of the Himalayas, and they are at their perennial best in areas with cold winters and hot, dry summers. In much of the US, unfortunately, this means climate will prevent them from being truly perennial. To help your tulips come back year after year, be sure that they are planted deeply in sandy soil with excellent drainage. Feed them with well-rotted cow manure or bulb fertilizer, and in warmer zones give them more shade. Have fun with the Kiss n' Tells! Zones 3 to 8.