Kozy Coats Insulating Plant Protector

Kozy Coats Insulating Plant Protector

Pack of 3
Item # 09260-PK-3
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Give your plants their own personal greenhouses! You don't have to dig up your plants and move them inside for the winter with these nifty protectors!

These plastic teepees fit around your plants to bring them all the insulation they need. When you fill the tubes with water, the sun naturally warms the water during the day, so that this heat is released at night, keeping your plants a few degrees warmer than the temperature outside the teepee. This can make the difference between life and death on a frosty spring or fall night!

And Kozy Coats help you to jump-start your season. If you want to grow the first tomato on the block or simply get your seedlings and young plants growing faster and better, this is a wonderfully economical, low-tech, fuss-free way to do so! Kozy Coats easily and effectively protect your plants from late frosts, strong winds, and even browsing wildlife in the garden!

The red tint of the teepee produces stockier and more vigorous plants, even without chemicals and fertilizers. And when your plants are finally strong enough and the weather is warm enough, simply drain the Kozy Coat and store for next season! It's the simplest and most natural way to have super plants!

Dimensions:18 inches tall and when filled with water 12 inches in diameter on the inside. Set of 3.