Agastache Kudos™ 'Kudos Yellow'

Thick, Generous Yellow Flowers in a Compact Agastache!

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With dense, large yellow flowers, Kudos™ Yellow supplies a big splash of color in a small, compact habit beginning in May and lasting throughout the summer! Attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies, it is resistant to downy mildew and drought tolerant once established! So not only is it low maintenance but pollinators will love the bright yellow blooms!

Growing up to 27 inches high and great in a container, the fragrant perennial is often compared to Sunset Yellow, but is larger, has larger, denser inflorescenes and a more upright, bushy habit. Thriving in well-drained, fertile soil, Kudos™ Yellow needs excellent drainage to overwinter.

Magnificent as groundcover, Kudos™ Yellow is also excellent as a specimen or in a container. Deer resistant and drought tolerant, it can handle colder temperatures and grows quickly. Add it to any sunny space in your landscape to brighten it with sunshine yellow flowers and a flock of pollinators!