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Acer Kurenai Jishi

Acer 'Kurenai Jishi'

Acer palmatum 'Kurenai Jishi'

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This breakthrough variety was discovered by Masayoshi Yano, author of "Book for Maples" and one of Japan's leading authorities on the Genus. Not to be confused with 'Kurui jishi', 'Kurenai Jishi' is a dwarf variety with entrancing foliage that transitions through nearly every color of the rainbow, from pink to red to purple to yellow!

'Kurenai Jichi' reaches just 3' tall and 2' wide in 10 years, with fine, small leaves proportional to its diminutive size. Like 'Fireball', the leaves are short and "rolling", curling and twisting in a way that gives every branch its own distinctive character.

A fantastic source of color, 'Kurenai Jichi' brings warm tones all season long, opening a bronze red, taking on pink tones through spring, then maturing to more of a purple as the leaves tinge with green. Finally, as fall arrives the leaves burnish a red and yellow bicolor.

For subtle, elegant beauty in a specimen tree, you can't do much better than Japanese Maples. Especially choice shrubs or small trees, Japanese Maples are magnificent in form, texture, and spring and fall color! Very tolerant of heat and humidity, they add year-round interest to the garden. Their beauty increases with age, making them a lifetime investment in the landscape. And since deer tend to avoid them, their lovely leaves go un-ravaged by nibblers.

'Kurenai Jishii' is one of few Acers rated for zone 9, where many Japanese Maples struggle with the heat. Like other Acers, it thrives in part shade where the soil is kept moist but well-drained. It prefers a semi-acidic pH. Indispensable for any Japanese-inspired garden, this delightfully compact Acer also fits well in containers. Zones 6 to 9.