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Rosa Lace Cascade

Rosa Lace Cascade

Decorate an arbor or trellis with these splendid flowers.

A glorious double-flowered white climber, 'Lace Cascade' offers a sweet fragrance as well as quick growth and copious rebloom. It complements every other plant in the garden, and makes a fine companion to Clematis and other climbers.

Boasting exceptionally healthy foliage even in humid and rainy climates, 'Lace Cascade' sets 3½ to 4 inches wide, sweetly redolent and very abundant, over a long season. The heaviest flush is in late spring to early summer, but reblooms continue all the way to fall in most climates. The flowers have up to 20 petals each, and self-clean neatly.

'Lace Cascade' comes by its good looks honestly. It is descended from 'Iceberg' and 'Prairie Fire,' and is quite hardy. Bred by master rosarian Bill Warriner and released in 1993, it has been a favorite ever since. Find a special place for this one!