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Rosa Lady Banks

Rosa 'Lady Banks'

Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'

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It may sound strange, but Yellow Lady Banks is the rose every garden (and gardener) deserves to experience. There is simply nothing in the rose garden to equal the force, the sheer bloom magnitude, of this classic wild rambler, discovered in England in 1824 and treated as the national treasure it is ever since. With many tens of thousands of violet-scented blossoms opening every spring, it is nothing short of a tour de force that you will look forward to, design parties and family gatherings and weddings around, and immortalize in countless photographs. Find the right place for Lady Banks in your landscape and let her move in. You will be so, so glad you did.

Lady Banks will live for generations, blanketing everything it touches with soft yellow double blooms that begin in springtime! Destined to become the focal point of any setting in which it is grown, Lady Banks asks only for very sturdy support, sunshine, and good soil drainage to grow and bloom for several lifetimes!

The flowering strength of this wild species rose is simply jaw-dropping. A mature plant can set up to 50,000 blooms in a single season! Measuring 1½ inches wide, they are fully double and packed with buttery yellow petals. Lean in for a closer look and you will be rewarded with a sweet violet-like scent. They bloom far before other ramblers, often beginning in mid-spring and always continuing for many weeks. There is simply nothing like standing beneath a mature, fully blooming Lady Banks Rose to make you realize the strength and beauty of nature!

This rambling rose is nearly thornless, with small, smooth (not serrated) leaves. In warm areas it will be evergreen; farther north and east it will be deciduous, and you will want to give it good winter protection if you are near the northern edge of its hardiness range. But most of all, you will want to choose a planting site that offers Lady Banks ample room to grow. And grow. And grow!

The first year or two that you are growing Lady Banks, it will probably not bloom. This is a rose that behaves like a tree: it takes its time getting established, but then it pays you back by living forever and flowering like nobody's business. Do not be discouraged if it gets off to a slow start. Riches are coming!

We have listed the height as 20 feet and the width as 5, but these are just estimates after about 10 years' growth. There are many famous Lady Banks Roses with massive trunks and a tall, spreading habit that has blanketed walls and roofs, only to start marching down the opposite side! Ideally, it will climb an arbor or trellis and then begin threading through the branches of an open-habit tree. Training it through a strong wooden fence is also a good option. Lady Banks takes the word "rambling" very seriously!

Lady Banks Rose received the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticulture Society, the hghest honor accorded a plant in Great Britain. Its history is as fascinating as its growth. It was brought from China to England by the botanist J. D. Parks and introduced in 1824, but it is named Yellow Lady Banks because it is one of a series of rambling Chinese roses identified by the botanist Sir Joseph Banks some years earlier. All of the Rosa banksiae subspecies are named for Lady Banks. We believe that this buttery yellow-flowered double is the most beautiful of all.

Lady Banks blooms on old wood, so give it a good pruning right after it flowers. Over time, this rose will acquire a shaggy, cinnamon-red trunk that is most appealing when revealed in winter in areas where the rose drops its leaves. Its canes remain nearly thornless, making it a good choice in heavily trafficked areas. Where it is content, it will continue to grow and bloom, more and more heavily, for countless years. Deer leave it alone, and rough weather is simply no issue. Begin rose season early (and spectacularly) every season with Lady Banks Yellow, and grow a rose that has delighted gardeners since before Queen Victoria took the throne! Zones 6 (with winter protection) - 9.

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Lady Banks
Lesa from MS wrote on April 26, 2015:

My Mother loves these roses and wanted more to put around the property.