Robin Teapot Nester 2017 (Green Ceramic)

Robin Teapot Nester 2017 (Green Ceramic)

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Most gardeners know that if you leave an item outside and unattended long enough a clever bird will find a way to turn it into a nest. To reward their ingenuity here's a little teapot made just for them! Constructed from frost resistant hi fired ceramic, this little model is ideal for small birds looking for a convenient open-faced shelter. This piece is very much loved for its charmingly rustic appearance and its practical uses in the garden. Though it looks like an ordinary teapot, this is a home well designed for birds. It come with drainage holes in the base to reduce mold and germ build up and is easy to hang using garden wire through mounting hole/handle. You can also affix with with a screw and washer is so desired. Grab your sunhat and a comfortable chair and have 'tea time' with your favorite wild birds.