Dead Nettle


Set 8 to 12 inches apart in shade or partial shade. While lamium will attain optimum growth in areas of even moisture, it will grow satisfactorily even in dry shade, where few other plants will succeed. A summer mulch, applied after planting, will facilitate strong, early growth. This mulch is not necessary for established plants.

For container or hanging basket culture: Fill the container to about 2 inches of the rim with weed-free potting soil or growing medium. For quick coverage, plant about 6 inches apart or use 3 plants for a 10-inch basket. Grow as you would in the garden, but bear in mind that plants in a container or basket tend to dry out more quickly and will need more frequent watering.


Once established, lamium requires little care, and can easily be increased by planting any of the numerous runners that will form. Can easily be cut back to restrain unwanted growth.


Zones 4-8