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Lantana Bandana® Cherry (pack of 3)

Lantana Bandana® Cherry (pack of 3)

Lantana camara Bandana® Cherry

Watching this flower-studded plant go through three color changes almost overnight! You will marvel at its long bloom time and remarkable heat and humidity tolerance! Lantana Bandana® Cherry is a godsend to gardeners in hot- and long-summer areas. The compact plant habit and abundance of blooms make it a carefree joy for any sunny spot in the garden as well as our best containers!

The Bandana® series has long been renowned for its excellent branching and extended bloom season, and Cherry is the most brilliant yet of its marvelous colors. This plant sets a perfectly rounded, flower-packed cluster of single blooms that open bright yellow, then turn orange within a few days before maturing to a deep scarlet red. The flowers begin to change colors on the outer layers of the cluster first, so you often see all 3 colors present at once in a single flower cluster, with yellow at the center, surrounded by a halo of orange, and then a wider skirt of red. So beautiful!

And you will have plenty of opportunity to study the blooms, because Bandana® Cherry is determined to bloom nonstop from late spring/early summer right into fall! The flowers are long-lasting, and don't need deadheading when at last they're ready to drop. Butterflies and hummingbirds are drawn to them, adding to the color show even further. And they just won't melt out in the strongest summer sun and heat, continuing to look good when other annuals have folded their petals and drooped their leaves!

This compact Lantana reaches just 12 to 26 inches high and spreads a foot or two wide, so it's perfect for containers as well as the annual bed. Given well-drained soil and water, there's simply no stopping it all season long!

Each pot contains one plant. Contains three 4-inch pots.