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Lantana Bandito™ Red

Lantana Bandito™ Red

Lantana camara Bandito™ Red

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The brightest, most beautiful, and most compact Lantana yet is just waiting for you! Great for containers of all kinds -- hanging baskets, window boxes, flowerpots and tubs -- this well-branched, large-flowered variety will wow you from summer through fall . . . not to mention how it delights the butterflies and hummingbirds!

Bandito™ reaches just 15 to 20 inches high and wide, with excellent branching and glossy, dark green foliage that stands out much more nicely than older Lantanas'. The blooms open yellow and orange, then darken to a brilliant shade of scarlet. Larger than others, they really pop on such a compact habit!

The flowers begin with the hot summer temperatures and continue through fall in warmer areas. Bandito™ is really a tender perennial, so in zones 8-11 it will return for years. You can cut it back to the ground in winter, and it will come back! Farther north, it is a fantastic annual, substantial and beautiful over multiple seasons.

And Lantana is a great pollinator attractor. Butterflies and hummingbirds both feast on the nectar in these blooms, which are subtly fragrant. The flowers also make nice nosegays and boutonnieres -- or even entire bouquets for your fairy garden or the children's dollhouse!

Impervious to heat, humidity, poor soil, and even periods of drought, this is one annual plant that behaves like a long-lived shrub. You will treasure its low maintenance and effortless beauty when other plants are becoming fussy as the weather changes. Find new places to display your Lantanas with container-ready Bandito™!

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