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Crocus Large-Flowered Economy Mix

Crocus Large-Flowered Economy Mix

Crocus vernus

When the bright heads of Crocus burst up from the winter ravaged ground, you know that spring has arrived. These petite darlings only reach about 2 to 4-inches high and peek out from bright green grass-like foliage. They bloom for many weeks so Each bloom is more flower than foliage though, lifting broad and shallow chalice shaped heads to the sky. This mix includes many solids and bicolors, including whites, yellows, purples, and violets. Plant just a few and watch as they colonize and spread into a sea of spirited blooms. Naturalizing is a piece of cake for this variety and they are so long lived that you can enjoy their spring serenade for decades!

Crocus is a sunlover that can tolerate part shade and prefers fertile, well-drained soil. Zones 3-8.