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Lavender™ Veranda® Floribunda Rose

Lavender™ Veranda® Floribunda Rose

Rosa 'KORfloci67' PP#23,683

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Plant Patent 23,683. Cultivar name: 'KORfloci67'

The only Veranda® rose of its color, Lavender™ is a splendidly compact, dense, free-flowering floribunda you will treasure in garden or container. This little powerhouse sets big clusters of fully double flowers all season long, set among healthy foliage on very well-branched, dense shrubs. For sheer beauty of presentation, it's hard to imagine a worthier rose than Lavender!®

The flower form is old-fashioned on this floribunda, a bit like a David Austin English Rose, with many reflexed petals (up to 40) tightly packed in numerous rows. When fully open, the blooms range from 2¼ to 4 inches wide, with a flattish, cupped shape. Lavender™ is free-flowering, with very short breaks between its flushes of bloom.

And all of this occurs on a very compact shrub. Expect Lavender™ to top out at no more than 2 feet high and 3 feet wide -- somewhat less if grown in a crowded container. Designed for use on the patio and in small spaces, this is a rose you can fearlessly plant among annuals and perennials. Why not give Lavender™ Rose some lavender (the perennial!) as a neighbor, for instance? Strongly fragrant plants make excellent companions to this scent-free rose, as do all the blooms of the white, pink, blue, and purple families.

Lavender™ is part of the Veranda® series of compact patio floribundas. It was bred in northern Germany with no growth enhancers, so it is exceptionally vigorous and very tolerant of cold winter weather. It is the product of the great Kordes rose-growing family, and we are honored to make it available for your garden this season. Northern gardeners, this is a rose to which you need only give minimal winter protection!

And the foliage on Lavender™ is healthy, lush, and disease-free, again a product of its breeding. While many roses melt out in the late summer heat and humidity, Lavender™ will look great in September no matter what the summer weather chose to do in your garden!

Although the Veranda® series was originally bred for patio containers, it has proven to be a fine performer in the garden as well. Find a place of honor for Lavender™ and begin designing around this beautiful, vigorous, very garden-worthy floribunda! Zones 5-9.