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Hydrangea Lets Dance® Diva

Hydrangea Let's Dance® Diva

Hydrangea macrophylla 'SMHMLDD' PP#25,105

The free-flowing beauty of these large pink or blue Lacecap flowers will put a hop in your step! And don't be surprised if they steal attention away from their neighbors!

'Diva' is no wallflower. The flowers' impressive size - they're as big as dinner plates - and their soft, but showy flowers are sure to attract fans and suitors. Bright pink in the center, the flowers fade slightly toward the edges.

Made up of florets as big as the palm of your hand, 'Diva' blooms throughout the summer, grabbing the spotlight with its splendor and sweet fragrance. Don't be surprised by an unexpected color! The pH of soil affects flower color and could lead to shades of purple.

Though beautiful in landscape, 'Diva' fills its card as cut-flowers. Blooming on new and old wood, it should be pruned after it blooms, stopping the procedure in mid-August to allow the buds to form before the onset of winter.

Thriving on moderate to moist soil, young 'Diva' should be pinched to create well-branched, full-bodied plants with more flowers in following years. Excellent in several uses, including cut-flowers, dried flowers and compact shrubs, this Hydrangea is up to the challenge.