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Hydrangea Lets Dance® Rave®

Hydrangea Let's Dance® Rave®

Very compact!

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Let's Dance® Rave® Hydrangea offers you rich violet blooms in a compact Bigleaf Hydrangea. This variety, unlike others which wash out, is a jewel toned, lustrous violet or magenta hue all season long, depending on the soil it's planted in. If planted in acidic soil, expect violet blooms; in basic soil, expect more magenta tones.

Mop head shaped blooms are packed closely and make of distinctively shaped florets. Blooming begins in early summer, and they continue blooming in waves throughout the entire summer season. Let's Dance® Rave® Hydrangea is resistant to wilt, and its foliage forms a compact 2 or 3 foot mounded bush. The stems are sturdy so the proliferate blooms won't bend or break them.

Rave is perfect for fresh and dried floral arrangements as well as a wonderful choice for borders, containers, and wooden landscaping as Hydrangea will bloom on new and old wood. Use this easy to grow plant to bring show stopping color to your garden space! Plant in partial to full sun and trim after the early summer flowering period.