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Leucanthemum REALFLOR® Real Comet

Leucanthemum REALFLOR® 'Real Comet'

Elegant White Butterfly Magnet

Item # 27500

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'Real Comet' is a fun and impressive twist on the classic daisy! Its blooms have extra volume and texture with fringed centers, and you'll be able to enjoy this perennial year after year!

The blooms emerge a light yellow, opening up to present the deep yellow center of the daisy we all know and love. As the blooms mature, the petals slowly fade to a crisp white. The blooms are supported on tall, sturdy stems with deep green foliage serving as the perfect backdrop for the light, fluffy blooms. Enchanting your garden all summer long, you won't be able to resist cutting a few of the blooms to brighten up your home.

One of the most compact dwarf daisies, Belgian Lace reaches just 11 inches high and 16 inches wide. Its small size and clumping habit make it perfect for containers, but it's also right at home in borders, beds and as a mass planting. Butterflies will flock to this little plant, adding extra energy to your garden.

Like all Leucanthemums, 'Real Comet' is super easy to grow, and is generally disease free. It enjoys well drained soil, and can take a bit of drying out between watering. Give this sunny little daisy full sun, and you'll be rewarded tenfold!