Liatris 'Kobold Original' - Pack of 5

A Lovely Native Perennial

Pack of 5
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The native Liatris spicata is a tall, airy wildflower, irresistible to butterflies and able to thrive in a variety of adverse conditions. 'Kobold Original' is a splendid cultivar of that native species, with the same adaptability and butterfly appeal in a much more compact, flower-intense form.

Absolutely indispensable for the meadow garden, wildflower groupings, and the sunny border, 'Kobold Original' grows just 14 inches high but boasts long, flower-packed stems that open (unusually) from the top down, keeping the plant in color for many weeks in mid- to late summer. The blooms are a rosy shade of lavender, held elegantly above whorled, narrow foliage. They make excellent cutflowers, and bring in butterflies by the dozen during their long season of glory.

'Kobold Original' is left alone by deer and other nibbling creatures, and flourishes quite happily in poor or dry soils provided the drainage is good and full sunshine is available. Truly carefree, it is a perennial to plant both in small clumps and great drifts for breathtaking swathes of color. Its native vigor helps it resist disease, and it is hardy across the United States. Do give it a go in your garden this season! Zones 3-9.