Lil Bang™ Red Elf Coreopsis

Li'l Bang™ Red Elf Coreopsis

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Coreopsis are famously adaptable and easy to care for, with their only limitations being their leggy habit and the small size of their blooms. Well, Li'l Bang™ Red Elf solves both of these problems fantastically with its compact habit and exceptionally large magenta flowers!

Enjoy these brilliant red blooms all season long with this cold-hardy, disease-resistant, long-blooming dwarf Coreopsis! The latest series from master hybridizer Darrell Probst, Li'l Bang™ Coreopsis share the same vibrant colors and exceptional disease resistance as the Big Bang™ series, but on compact plants that tend to bloom a little earlier in the season. The product of 10 years of intensive breeding involving 8 different species of Coreopsis, these revolutionary hybrids only improve on the cold-, heat-, and drought-tolerance of the native Coreopsis!

Not only does 'Red Elf' set exceptionally big, beautiful blooms, but it is also incredibly rewarding and easy to grow. For one thing it is truly cold hardy, surviving to -20 degrees without damage. Secondly, it is highly disease resistance, displaying no disease problems in trials. Even pests and deer generally leave it alone. Third, it is very long-blooming, starting early in the season and setting blooms all the way into fall. Perfect for beginners, this lovely Coreopsis sets months and months of brilliant blooms while asking for precious little in return.

Plant 'Red Elf' in a sunny spot with good drainage. It will tolerate light shade and is not picky about soil type. Coreopsis has relatively low water needs, and once established it becomes conveniently drought tolerant.

'Red Elf' is a magical way to fill out the front of a border with dazzling color, and the silky blooms are great in cutflower arrangements. And best of all, the more you cut, the more 'Red Elf' reblooms! Zones 5 to 9.