Viburnum Lil Ditty®

Viburnum Lil Ditty®

Birds adore its fall berries, and you will thrill to the huge spring blooms of this deer-resistant beauty

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PP#27,549; CBRAF. Cultivar Name: 'SMNVCDD'

Every landscape deserves this multi-season beauty. A low-growing native shrub with fragrant spring blooms, large bright green foliage, and autumn berries, Viburnum Lil Ditty® is one of the easiest and loveliest plants for the sunny to lightly shaded garden. Whether you want to attract songbirds into the garden (to feast on the berries), create a native accent planting, or simply beautify the front of the foundation or border, Viburnum Lil Ditty® is your best choice for brilliant interest season after season.

Just 12 to 24 inches high and wide, Viburnum Lil Ditty® shrub paints the garden floor in bold color, fragrance, and texture. The new spring foliage emerges bright green, arrow-shaped and beautifully veined. Viburnum Lil Ditty® is topped in late spring by large puffballs of airy creamy-white, long-lasting and eye-catching. They release a powerful scent, adding another element of interest to the landscape.

The blooms are followed by masses of small round berries, which begin green and then turn to pink, red, and finally nearly black by autumn. Birds and small mammals feast on these fruits, which are particularly abundant if Viburnum Lil Ditty® is grown near another Viburnum for pollination. Encourage songbirds to make a permanent home in your garden by offering them this dependable food source.

A deciduous shrub, Viburnum Lil Ditty® drops its leaves in late fall. It flowers on old wood, so if you want to prune it, do so directly after the flowers pass in early summer to avoid losing a season of bloom. This neat, compact habit seldom needs pruning, however. Viburnum Lil Ditty® is low maintenance and naturally rounded.

Unappetizing to nibbling deer, very adaptable to garden stressors from poor soil to heat and drought, Viburnum Lil Ditty® is a superb choice for nearly any landscape, from a formal border to a woodland setting. Site this Witherod Viburnum in a special place in your sunny to partly shaded garden and begin enjoying ever-changing seasonal beauty.