6 Long-Blooming Perennial Flowers

We dedicate so much time and energy to our gardens that it’s only natural to want to get the most out of it. An easy way to ensure delightful garden returns is to grow perennial flowers with long seasons of appeal. Each of these perennial plant varieties are known to display long-blooming flowers for maximum beauty for months on end.

Hardy Geraniums


Perennial geraniums are a great choice for lasting beauty as most varieties bloom continuously for many weeks. One of our favorites is Havana Blues with its deep purple veins running down delicate lavender petals on flowers which bloom from summer well into fall. There are many varieties of geraniums and some bloom from spring to summer in gorgeous colors. At Wayside Gardens we’re always looking for new varieties. So come back often to see what new flower delights we have for sale.



Once you’ve seen them in full bloom, it’s almost impossible not to be enamored by the halting beauty of clematis. These perennial vines are so diverse in shape, color and habit that there is certain to be one to suit any gardener’s taste. Bloom times are as various as the varieties themselves so check the product details and choose from among spring, summer and even fall blooming clematises. Clematis vines are glorious in their reliable display of large and impressive blooms adding more colorful interest to your perennial garden.




Commonly known as butterfly bush, buddleia is a gardener’s favorite for attracting pollinators and especially, you guessed it, butterflies. In addition to their value as pollinator magnets, these plants also have a lengthy bloom time beginning in summer and continue to mid fall. We can’t blame the butterflies for mobbing these charming clusters of flowers. And after all, why even try to resist the lure of several months of distinctive wands of fragrant pink, purple, and blue flowers?



There are so many variations of coreopsis, commonly called tickseed, and its charming, cheerful little flowers that you may need to choose more than one for your garden. These remarkable perennials are extremely reliable and floriferous in a plethora of colors including red, peach, hot pink, and lemon yellow with multi-colored petals. Each blossom may be small, but it makes up for its size with the sheer number of flowers in vibrant hues. Plus, you can enjoy the spectacular show for months on end with some bloom times lasting from early summer to early autumn.


Bleeding Hearts Dicentra


It’s hard not to have a crush on dicentra with its intricate, heart-shaped blooms that persist over a long season. Two-toned flowers, sometimes called bleeding hearts, appear above ferny foliage on this vigorous perennial. Perfect for shady beds and borders, dicentra presents brilliant blossoms that appear to drip from its branches from the start of summer well into autumn.



Commonly known as a pincushion flower these dwarf plants pack a big punch in the garden. Scabiosa’s charming lavender-blue blooms persist from spring until frost. A single, compact pincushion plant has been known to product hundreds of blooms over the long season. Talk about flower power, scabiosa certainly has it.


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Images: Shutterstock